From our Farm To your fork

All of our nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil are hand-tended from seed to harvest and grown exclusively on our family-owned urban hydroponic farm in Historic Bristol, Bucks County, PA, USA.   Registered by the PA Dep’t of Agriculture, we grow indoors 365 days a year.  We are not a processor.  And we’re definitely not a “food technology” company (Yes, somehow, they do exist).  We don’t make products.  We don’t make supplements.  We only grow the absolutely most nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil available anywhere.


...Beyond Organic

There are absolutely zero pesticides and herbicides on our farm.  We do not use any “cides” on any of our nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil .  Don’t forget, standard ‘organic’ allows for the use of toxic “cides” that are lethal to living/beneficial insects like bees.  We simply don't use them.



There are absolutely zero animal-derived byproducts on our farm.  So no risk of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, pharmaceuticals, hormones, or pathogens that are associated with animal-based fertilizers  They are not used in our growing medium and not used in our nutrients that feed and nurture our nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil.  We simply don't use them

...BPA-free, NSF-certified, food safe

Our nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil are grown using a mix of BPA-free, NSF-certified, or recycled food-safe growing containers.  Our harvesting utensils are ceramic so as not to damage the cuttings.



After hand-harvesting our nutrient-dense MicroGreens & Basil, we compost and donate the used coco coir, leftover roots/stems, and nutrient water to local community-organized public gardens in Bucks County, PA.  From seed to harvest, nothing is wasted!


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